this is happening

Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger.  After overthinking it completely, truly, overthinking a silly little break, and thanks to my Mom for giving me the final encouragement, I booked our Spring Break trip…to Disneyland!  My Mom had been asking if I could go with her to her Uncle’s birthday party in Los Angeles.  Her uncle is the last of her Mom’s living sibling, so it is kind of a big deal.  Trying to figure out how to include the kids and make this into a trip, it became obvious that I needed to get serious.  With a little internet trolling and quick thinking, it all came together for what might be a really fun vacation.

We are staying at the Grand Californian for two nights.  It has been a bit of a crash course, and I am so grateful to my friends that have been to Disneyland enough to steer me in the right direction(s).  Who knew there is a real science to planning your time at Disney?  We had to stay at the Grand because the hotel is literally in the park.  With my Mom joining us, we needed easy entry and a spot to rest that wasn’t miles away.  It will also allow us to take advantage of the Magic Hour and experience the most popular rides before the real crowds arrive.  Apparently, there is a very nice pool at the hotel and the weather is supposed to be spectacular.

Mr. Christensen isn’t saying a peep about the trip, matter of fact, he doesn’t even want to talk about it.  I am hoping the spirit of Disney will take over once we arrive and that he will end up having a wonderful time.  Thank goodness for ESPN Zone and beer all over California Adventure.  It will make a big difference!  Considering what I do for a living, the planner in me is out in full force.  I am trying to decide what shoes to bring and what clothes to wear.  I have the kids figured out, I think.  As much as I hate Crocs, several websites note them as a favorite choice for kids.

I am so excited, I almost feel like a kid again.  Thanks, Mom, for putting the wheels on our Spring Break!

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