starts now

The last entry was all about intentions.  This is about action.  Today was a day that would be considered most’s one week AFTER the new year.  The past two weeks have been too much to quantify as new, fresh and clean for this family.  It has been stressful, annoying, remarkable and sad.  Not quite my ideal new year start!

I achieved little to nothing in the first week of the new year, based on my last post.  And I am giving myself a pass.  Here is what I did do, which I am proud of.

  1. Last weekend, I was flown out by the new owner of TDM Salt Lake to celebrate the five year anniversary and new ownership.  I was so nervous that I begged my bestie here in Napa to go with me.  After growing some serious guts, I decided I would go on my own.  It was awesome.  I spent the first night with my bestie in SLC, laughing and eating and drinking all of our favorite things.  I taught a fun class to a packed house of my dearest friends and former students.  We ended with a mellow night in PJs at Lisa’s over lasagna and wine.  Just banner.
  2. We hosted G’s Dad at our house for the past six days.  He has the later stages of Parkinson’s Disease, not shaking, just terrible balance and very affected speech.  He has always been a talker and deal maker.  He can no longer tell you to get him a napkin.  It is heart breaking.
  3. School started today!  Everyone got out the door on time and with lunches, homework, etc.  Both kiddos were so thrilled to see their friends.  I was personally so happy to send them back, eager to learn and be social!
  4. Family Dinner Night started tonight.  It isn’t a 100% thing that we will do every night.  But for the nights it does work, we are all eating the same dinner.  Vegetable trying is a must.  Protein trying a huge bonus.  There were few tears and both got a treat!  Shocking what everyone will do while around a table.

I also purchased a “D” charm in man-made opal to hang around my neck.  I love it so very much.  For whatever reason, it has given me clarity and focus.  So much so, I went to TDM Napa today for a great class with Christie.  I cleaned house and made a good dinner for our whole family.  Weez painted, H finished his homework.  It was an ideal night at the Christo’s.  Finally, I feel that we can start 2017 as a family.  Kind of a relief, with a huge dose of JOY.

new song

With every post from friends and people I follow bidding a passionate farewell to 2016, I’ve thought, “I don’t have ill will towards the past year.”  It was a year that absolutely flew by and for the most part, I thought, went fairly well.

The first day of the new year was spent lazily watching kids shoot off their rockets, sipping on wine, occasionally looking up at the football games.  We had a super low key party the night before at our good friend’s house.  Not much drama other than Mariah’s disastrous performance on Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve. I made black eyed peas, a southern good luck tradition that I do every year, they turned out just okay.

Today, January 2nd, I am struggling.  I am now reflecting on the things in 2016 that will follow me through he new year.  I sold my half of TDM to a new owner, but the loan for the business will haunt me for five more years.  While I didn’t vote for Trump, the uncertainty and absolute ignorance of his leadership is terrifying.  I work hard.  Really hard.  That’s not going to change.  It will likely just get busier and the work more complex.

I am entering this new year no better than last.  That makes me sad.  Little has improved, in fact, things have gotten harder.  Despite this, I am forcing myself to embrace each day as something special.  I plan to push myself both physically and mentally.  Here’s how I plan to hold myself accountable and in control of as much as I am able:

  1. Do something physically active for at least 30 minutes.  If a full Dailey class works into it all, fantastic.  Should my only window be during Weezy’s bath, and I have to use the counter top to do push-ups, fine.  But there must be blood flow and an increased heartbeat.  Every. Single. DAY.
  2. Meditation.  I am no pro at this, trust me.  But I do know that setting even five minutes aside to ground helps me majorly.  I will aim for the morning, but will put it to work when I can.  Often is my requirement.
  3. Limit my alcohol to the weekends.  This may be a pipe dream, but there it is.
  4. Prepare foods for everyone in my family.  Cooking brings me great joy.  I love to peddle around in the kitchen.  We are all as a family going to eat better and together more often.
  5. Spend time with friends and family doing things that are important.  Board games.  Hiking.  No more mindless cocktails while I let the kids melt their brains on iPads.  We all have fun together.  That’s rare and awesome.

It is a start.  I refuse to let this year get off and running without me being a part of it, doing my part, for me.  My family needs me at 100%.  I need me at 100%.  If you are feeling the same, let me know.  I would love a warrior to partner with.  Heck, if you have even read this far, thank you.  That’s all I really need is your support.