I have been debating on buying this for an entire year.  It is a face oil with a hefty price tag (for me), that I just couldn’t bite the bullet on, despite all of the rave reviews and buzz it has. During my last facial, Denise used this as the final product for moisture. Obviously post facial, my skin was glowing already, but this serum made such a difference that I took home a sample to use for the week.  With each day of use, my skin’s appearance just got better and better.  While I love face oils in general, I haven’t been able to find a good replacement for the Rose Hydrator that my friend and skincare guru, Cheryl, in Utah created.  Her facials and products are completely fantastic – but she is in Utah.  Vintner’s Daughter was created here in Napa, by an actual vintner’s daughter!  And, I am a huge fan of shopping locally for local goods, and when I discovered how amazing this product truly was, I was hooked.  It feels luxurious while keeping the natural element at the forefront. I have yet to feel like it is wearing off in it’s spectacular-ness, and I don’t think it is going to. Guess I need to keep my day job!