latest obsessions

Just thought I would share a few things that I can’t get enough of right now, because great things need to be shared!  Matter of fact, some of these things I have found courtesy of a share – I love knowing what others are into.

Two summertime snacks I just love are persian cucumbers and asian pears, sliced and topped with lemon and himalayan pink salt.  Quite an international sounding dish, no?  Instead of chips or nuts, I will cut up a bunch and put it in a glass container so that I have easy snacks available.  The combo of sweet, salty, crunchy and tang make for a perfect nibble.  If you are into more flavor, add Everything but the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s.  Have you tried it on an avocado?  Delish!

Silverado Trail Strawberries literally taste like they were grown with sugar pumped through them.  If you aren’t in Napa, sorry, because these are like candy.  The key to making them last longer is to wash them immediately and let them soak for a few minutes in water and distilled vinegar.  I cut them up and put them in a glass container for a quick and easy grab.  My kids and I go through a pint at least a day.

Hoola and High Beam, both by Benefit are musts all summer long.  I have minis for my purse and have full sizes in my drawer.  Hoola gives the sun-kissed bronze without the glittery sparkle (which I hate) to your face.  High Beam highlights where you want to look fresh and dewy.  The micro-texture of High Beam gives more of a natural effect, versus the shimmer of some glittery highlighters.

SPORTea is as old as ever, but nothing quenches the thirst better!  I can only drink so much water, and if I have exercised in the morning, my daily intake goal has usually been met by noon.  I brew up SPORTea and put a big pitcher of it in the fridge.  If it is good enough for climbers that tackle Everest, it is good enough for me!

Mechanical pencils (my favorites are these) are a way of life for me year-round, but especially in the summer.  I feel like writing things in ink makes it so permanent.  Pencil seems sort of negotiable, keeping doors open, yet marking potential plans down as notes.  Summertime should be easy and not so structured, that’s why I love keeping the mix of camps vs. free time balanced so that my kids can enjoy summer the way I did, freely and with options!  Try switching to pencil for June and July.  There’s plenty of time to put it in ink.  Trust me.

back to it

a vital.jpg

Our summer ends with a trip to Tahoe with some of our dearest friends.  While there is some activity, and we try to exercise a bit, the amount of overindulgence makes the efforts almost ridiculous.  My buddy Julie, if you have read my blog in the year’s past, is always up on the trends and musts of the current moment.  I savor our time together spent on the beach, sharing all of her news.

One of the things I have been wanting to work into my program is collagen.  I tried it in tea and couldn’t get past the idea there was bits of animal gelatin floating around in there.  No, I couldn’t see it, but the thought just killed me.  Julie and I also were talking about how to get more protein in our diets – I have always been a believer in real, unprocessed proteins like eggs and lean meats versus supplements and powders.  Julie mentioned that she adds both collagen and protein into her coffee via two very wholesome ways.  Skeptical, yes, but desperate to hit the studio to work off the Tahoe and so sad about the appearance of my skin post-lake life, I took the bait.

It has been a little over two weeks that I have been adding these two things into my coffee, and I am totally in love.  It takes a bit of effort to blend it up, but I have already seen and felt results.  Both items are for sale on amazon.  Give it a try and let me know your experience.  Anything else you have in your routine that’s changed your game?

tuesday rant

I am a fiscal conservative, with a very left leaning sway towards social issues.  Most of my friends think I don’t post about political things on insta or FB because I don’t want to admit my evil Republican side. Because all Republicans are raving lunatics, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, I keep my social media outlets politics-free because I don’t want to read/see/complain about the horrors of this country on a place I go to for an escape.  Yes, it is an awesome platform for awareness, and I do love to look at things from all sides.  I definitely do not follow a line in the sand.  My viewpoints are made up of all kinds of sources and opinions.  Some of my closest friends feel completely opposite from me on issues – yet I value our conversations and their dialog, so that we are all getting it out there for thought.  That’s important to me.  But, I do not want to go through this exercise on my social media.

But I want to discuss how a jewelry and footwear designer, a reality show participant, that’s a WOMAN has been given a position as a government employee.  Ivanka Trump has entree to the to the most sensitive relationships in this world.  She is seemingly active in every sense of our government.  I know this isn’t the first time a family has supported the President, and nothing “bad” has happened with her inclusion so far.  I can’t decide if she is helping or hindering in the big sense of the work.  I do like that she is a well educated, smart woman that’s active in the political field, but I would hate to discount the other women that have earned their keep and fought to get to where they are now, i.e. Kamala Harris, which for the record, I disagree with many of her stands on things.

That’s all.  Felt like I needed to rant a bit today.  I will go back to dealing with high winds in Corsica.  Yep, that’s top on my work list today.  Don’t be jeally.  No really, don’t.

summertime girl

Weez is the ultimate summer girl.  She has a beachy vibe, year round with her tan skin and golden highlights.  Her style is also more SoCal with sandals and trucker hats, sun-drenched hues of aqua and coral.  Bikinis are a must.  She is so ready to kick this season off staying in the pool all day, with the only breaks reserved for sipping strawberry shakes.  A few nights ago, we went to the A’s baseball game with a group from her first grade class.  It was bound to become chilly as the night wore on, but she insisted on her shorts and pink sunnies.  Her whole attitude is filled with rays of light, and I am loving watching her shine on this summer.

graphic photo alert

Here’s the way my abdomen looks a week after surgery.  I lost 6 lbs.  That’s nearly how much my uterus weighed.  It was also the size of someone carrying a six month old fetus. I can’t help but hope there’s some improvement in my appearance, but, if I feel this good a year from now, I really don’t care what my middle looks like.


quick recap

Lots has gone on since my last post in August.  Here’s a quick photo recap:kids-sierra

My friend Jen Freeto and I took our four kids to Lake Tahoe, sans husbands.  We had such an amazing time.  We stayed in the same place we stay during the summer.  While it was so strange being there without the guys and the other people on the beach, we did all the usual stuff: floating in the lake, golden eagles, Luke at the Lone Eagle, T’s chicken.  This time we did take a cruise on the Sierra Cloud, which was so much fun.



Then the kids had their favorite fundraiser at school, the Jog-a-Thon!  Weez and H each worked hard out on the track.  Here’s a picture of Weezy’s class:


After the Jog-a-Thon, the Safeway Open came to Silverado Country Club. G had work requirements at the tournament, so he went each day to check out the action.  A fun thing they did this year were concerts on the mansion lawn each night; we caught Third Eye Blind and even in the rain, it was so much fun!  H loved hanging with his pal and getting high fives from the pros.


Concert time!


I feel so lucky to live in the place that I do, with the friends that I have.  We always have a great time.  Up next, the road trip of all trips!  Two families decided to make the most of a week and a massive van.  Stay tuned…

the shoes

No, I didn’t buy these.  But in my previous life, they would be mine.  They are so beautiful. There’s literally no room for shoes like this in my closet today.  They would look so silly on my feet paired with all my country boring stuff.  Their style and sass would be lost in Napa. But I do have a love for them.  Deep, true, love.

dailey fusion

Today, I am going to step out of my comfort zone and take a class called Dailey Fusion at The Dailey Method in Napa.  I am a master instructor of TDM, however, I have never taught nor taken the latest class being offered.  What’s more intense, is the teacher is Claudia, and she teaches a SUPER hard regular class.  I cuss and moan audibly in her classes.  Should be an interesting way to kick off the weekend.  A weekend, I might add, full of delicious food and drink!  Wish me luck.  I will report back post class, if I can move my arms to type.