Summer is my favorite season in California.  It is easy to love: barbecues, rose, swimming, sunshine, corn and tomatoes, the smell of sun(screen)tan lotion…the list goes on and on.  This summer is different though; I have been a cycle instructor for a full year now, teaching and taking about 5 times a week.  That’s a hefty amount of cardio for this girl.  I can say my legs definitely are looking and feeling strong – but I need a bit more.  Some girl pals and I have decided to up our game for the next month, with both movement and mindful eating.

Here’s the thing, we live in Napa and with our friends, there is no shortage of food, drink and fun.  Our Whole Foods bill doubles because chances are high that you’ll be entertaining another family for dinner, gone are quiet nights at home.  Take out is almost non-existent because the grills are blazing and the produce is piling in.  No complaints at all, trust me.

In an effort to find balance between summertime indulgence and bikini wearing fun, two friends and I are making a commitment to moving in some way, every single day for the next 30 days.  I recently got an apple watch and it has changed the way I approach my personal efforts.  The “rings” as you may have heard about, track your movement, exercise and stand time throughout the day.  If I cycle in the morning, both my move and exercise rings close.  It feels so fantastic to meet those goals before 8:00 a.m.!  I always close the stand ring by dinnertime.  The accountability the watch brings to the surface is incredible, and it has proved to be the perfect motivator for me.

Another one of my favorite things to do in the summer is ride bikes with my kids.  My in-laws brought us some Townie cruisers which are super fun for looping around our neighborhood.  The kids like to head up to the club to grab a soda at the mansion, and I might sneak a soda of my own!  We laugh and giggle the whole time, and the only hazard is getting a bug in your eye or worse yet, your mouth.

Anyone else making a commitment to stay summer-ready all season long?  Get ready for this blog to have new life back into the posts, as I am documenting it all here.  Perhaps SNS might motivate you to get out and move as well.  Cheers to the best season!

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