Have you ever had a dip manicure?  I was talked into it at a nail salon in Scottsdale, while we were on vacation.  As a devotee of gel manicures, I was certainly intrigued when the nail tech said it would last an extra week, that it doesn’t peel off and it makes your nails stronger.  Since I was already cheating on my own nail lady back home, I figured why not, and, I loved the results.  There is no UV curing process, just polish and powder.  It is like the acrylic they brush on for a fake set of nails, but in this case you literally dip your nail into the powder.  Whatever they paint on your nails (it is clear) grabs the colored powder, then a file is used to shape the hardened powder stuff.  A final coat of clear is put on to shine the nails up.  I have only experimented with light, natural colors, but I am loving the result.  My nails have never looked better!  The down side is that Ann, my Napa nail tech, doesn’t offer the dip manicure.  So once again I went to someone else here in town to get a new dip manicure.  Also worth mentioning, the removal process is much easier than gel.  It is simply soaked off, the only tool used is a cotton ball to wipe the residue away.  No scraping!  I am sure it is all chemical laden and likely going to be the death of me at some point, but I am willing to take my chances.

If you are in Napa, Polished Nail Salon next to Nob Hill Foods offers dip.  Christina did my nails, and I am in love with them.  Hugh is also a master, so I have been told.


I sleep terribly most nights.  I used to think it had to do with alcohol consumption, and often times too much wine does contribute to a 3am wake up.  Lately however, I have been abstaining from wine with dinner and I am still having trouble with the mid-sleep wake ups, but now I am struggling with just getting to sleep.  My neck always feels jumbled in the morning, especially after the deep sleep I finally do get between 4am and 7am.

After doing some research, I am trying some different supplements to help the rest come more naturally, than say an ambien.  First, I tried the Sleep chocolates when I was in Coloma last May with H and his classmates as a chaperone.  They did work, although I was a bit sluggish the next day.  Not having read the label, I ate four of them (the max, I later found out) which was clearly too much.  Last night I tried three, and I needed a bulletproof coffee to start the engine this morning.  A friend had suggested I try the Calm Magnesium drink before bed.  That will be tonight’s plan.  I understand magnesium has many other health benefits as well, so perhaps it should be in my program anyway.

What do you do for a restful sleep?

tahoe, booked

Every summer, my family escapes to Tahoe for a week.  We join our dearest friends for fun on the beach.  Our biggest decision of the day is what time we will have a Golden Eagle (a blended orange drink with tequila, vodka, with a grand marnier floater).  It is a week’s worth of doing nothing, and I look forward to it the day we drive home.  Here’s to dreaming of summer, and a week at the beach.

hello, you

For many of us, 2017 was a very challenging year.  It was filled with a lot of tragedy, loss, stress and struggle.  And towards the end, it was almost unbearable. There was nearly a whole month lost when our town caught on fire.  The time spent evacuated from our home was actually not so bad – with no real concept of what remained behind the police barricades.  We were only able to make the best of a terrible situation and did so by gathering with our family and friends, sharing stories and laughs, and a lot of tears.  It was the weeks after that really took their toll on us all.  The dark reality that my mother’s home was completely gone was gutting.

There were tiny miracles along the way too.  My mom moved into a lovely home, even closer to us, that she can spread out in and enjoy.  We are working together to build back her life; starting from scratch can actually be fun!  Another milestone, we sold our house in Utah.  This was something that absolutely had to be accomplished in 2017.  It took a lot more effort to do so than expected, and in the ninth hour on December 29th, it was no longer ours.

To celebrate the little things, we decided to take our kids to Arizona for a few days.  Never have I felt the need to connect as a family as I have in this new year.  I have all of the other resolutions lined up as well, but the goal to be present has become paramount.  We chose Scottsdale because we love the Phoenician and it’s kid friendly vibe.  Also, two of my best friends live there coincidentally.  Even though it was a family-focused trip, we did manage to spend some time with them, and they are practically family anyway!

The time away reminded me how important it is to make each day count.  When I say count, I mean that by the time I settle into bed, ready to start over again, that I can identify a way I’ve made a difference.  Whoa, that sounded very earth shattering, and I don’t mean it that way.  More like, the differences could be for my own health.  Or, having helped my kids with a school project.  I’ve crossed off all of my to-do’s.  Just taking 15 minutes alone to think or clear the slate is meaningful.  I want to accomplish things that will make a difference in the well being of not only my being, but others close to me as well.

I have set January 15th as my official implementation week.  I am using this week to prepare and get all the tools out that I will need.  Of course, I will be starting the 30 Clean eating and fitness challenge that I often participate in.  But I will also be using a 30 day chart to be more mindful, in addition to visiting with my spiritual coach (yes, I have one) each week.  So to the new year, I say hello.  Nothing more than welcome, with warmth and new horizons in sight.