spring break

Every year, I have the same battle: internally, externally, personally, professionally.  What should we do for Spring Break?  This silly war happens with all the other breaks as well, in the winter, and the entire summer.  I am a planner.  It is part of my actual job to be very well versed in the sequence of events for every single day – from grand to routine.  When it comes to my own life, I just sit in limbo, going over all the possibilities and never pull the trigger on anything until it is too late.

Here’s where I am currently: my friends all have elaborate vacations on the books, to Mexico or to Malibu.  They are getting on planes and heading out.  It seems like everyone I know was in or is in Sayulita, which looks swoon worthy.  Our Spring Break is earlier than most, taking place the week before Easter.  We don’t have a week in April, since Easter falls in March this year.  Both Greg and I are working hard on projects professionally, so taking time off right now isn’t the best idea.

The hardest part is that we have options.  We tried to reserve a condo in Palm Springs that we bought at our school auction last year, but it is already booked.  This year, I bought Disneyland tickets at the same auction (last weekend) that are already burning a hole in my pocket.  The house we rented in Sea Ranch has a great buy four get the fifth and sixth nights free deal going on, which sounds tempting, minus the curvy drive there.  Finally, we live in a spectacular place that a lot of the world visits during these types of breaks!  I have an awesome “in” at the California Academy of Sciences, which could be a great day experience.  Last, two of my very best friends live in Scottsdale and their doors are wide open.

So here I sit, with the break just a week away and we have no plans.  It is eating me alive. Flash to next Friday, when it really sinks in and I might just be a puddle.  That’s all. Thanks for listening.

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