thoughts and observations

Today has an aggressive feeling of Monday.  The first holiday of the new year throws me off.  I already feel behind the ball.  To sort the scatter of my mind, some random thoughts…

  • The music of Glenn Fry will forever be a key component to the soundtrack of my childhood.  There’s lots of other music that will instantly take me back to being a kid, but The Eagles were just quintessential.
  • I am loving the new way Alix (my hairstylist in San Francisco whom I have known for twenty years) is coloring my hair.  It is a balayage/color melt.  Not quite an ombre, but it definitely has a lighter part towards the ends with more of my natural (eek!) color at the roots.
  • Speaking of hair, it was raining so hard with wind taking the waterworks sideways, I didn’t bother blowing dry my hair this morning.  Usually I have a steadfast “no wet hair in public” rule, but today I was that girl.
  • My office in Sonoma is by far the cutest in the building.  It has a darling accent chair and throw blanket, plus the obligatory orchid and some aroma sticks. I have framed pictures of my family on the windowsill.  Too bad I don’t have more visitors to share my little space with.
  • I bought a pair of short moto-styled boots at Target and I love them.  They have rubber soles.  They were cheap.  Perfect for this El Nino weather.
  • Thank GOD we didn’t get stuck in the traffic on the Bay Bridge yesterday.  Two hours stopped on the span.  Pass the Xanax please!
  • I am gathering large format bottles of wine for our upcoming school auction and I am so grateful for my friends that have donated.  Just makes me warm and fuzzy.
  • Time really flies by these days.  I already have the year at a glance calendar out, marking the highlights down (like Lake Tahoe, in the picture above).  Yes, partially because of what I do for a living, the big picture actually makes me calm.  Trusting the flow and preparing for what I can makes me tick.  When I do get anxious, all I have to do is break out the calendar and go day by day.

With all that being said, you’d think that I could just accept Tuesday as Tuesday, and quit beating myself up for not spending yesterday preparing for today.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Wednesday.  Which basically means the weekend is here!

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