We have let sports work their way into our lives as organically as possible.  Weez hasn’t had the itch in any way at all to dance or do a sport.  We tried soccer, and that was just okay.  Dance was also just there, not a real passion.  For Harry, he has played basketball, soccer, golf, and baseball.  He is good at all of the sports, he loves playing on a team and isn’t particularly competitive.  Something with baseball is different.  He has a personal part that relates to his overall team’s performance.  It is the perfect blend of individual skill focus, to communicating and working together out in the field.  Of all the things he plays, he is best, from a skill to like ratio, at baseball.

Napa has a bonafide, American baseball program.  There’s a park with three fields, it has a concession stand with sunflower seeds, metal bleachers to sit on, and all the local businesses sponsor the teams.  The younger kids play on the playground while the parents hob nob and cheer.  We have loved being involved.

This year, Harry has to “try-out” for his spot on a team.  Everyone makes a team, but they do the try-outs to balance the teams out.  This weekend, all the little kids will go out and show their stuff, nervously hoping they “make it.”  I have explained to Harris that he will make it no matter what, but the nerves are absolutely there.  To help him get back into the swing (literally) of things, we went to the batting cages.  Being the only mom there, it was obvious that the cages were a manly event.  But I learned, smiled coyly at the staff, and by the second bucket of balls, I was a pro.  Harry made excellent contact.  He seemed to settle back into his form and gain confidence with each swing.

By the end, I had purchased him a membership, so he can now hit balls whenever he’d like. He puffed up his chest as we walked out, high fiving the guy coming in as we walked out.  Moments like these are milestones, for all of us.  Confidence, satisfaction, excitement and achievement.  I am so happy to be a part of it all.

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