weekend redux

We just returned from our journey north.  As advertised, the weather was intense, but it didn’t hamper our fun at all.  The house we rented was just great.  It had a very open floor plan, so we were all together without having to make an effort to be.  Between the sports and the scrabble, our Sunday was spirited.  With the weather came a high surf advisory. The waves were huge and could be heard from inside the house. The side of the house facing the ocean was all windows, so we could just sit back and watch the action.  I brought my crock pot and made my signature chili.  We baked cookies too.  For a rental, the kitchen was very well equipped.  The Surf Super (local market) was full of local food and had great logo merchandise, so I picked up a to-go coffee mug as a souvenir.

We went for long walks along the coastline, even in the rain, we just bundled up.  The kids hunted for slugs and snails.  There were deer all over the place and they didn’t seem too uncomfortable with our stares.  Everything was bright green, and seemingly untouched. Considering it was about two and a half hours from our house in Napa, it felt really far away.  Like a true adventure.  As we packed up the car today, we were all talking about when we should come back.

Now, for the outtakes.  We left on Saturday way later than we had planned.  At 2:30 p.m. we were all hungry, so we grabbed some lunch in Bodega Bay.  Flash 4o minutes later when two giant blasts of barf came from H’s mouth, I thought the trip might end right then.  It was horrific.  I can’t even type the details beyond that, because you might barf too. Matter of fact, I am gagging now.

Last two thoughts, West Sonoma County is filled with grass fed organic cows.  There were cows everywhere, some for dairy and other for beef. The rolling hills and harsh cliffs were equally as popular with them.  I am fascinated by their life on the coast.  Second, there are some unique dwellings along Highway 1,  Say for instance if you were a hoarder of deteriorating buoys and assorted whale bones, you would live right on that road.  There were some makeshift homes that you could just smell from looking at them.  I wanted to see who lived inside, just to get lost in the story I would make up for them.  So very strange in an intriguing way.  Salty recluse dogs.

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