may redux

Where did this month go?  There was a lot going on, for sure.  But it seemed like the first part of the month just flew right by.  G’s birthday was mid-week, so I sent him to the spa during the day.  We both celebrated a few days later on my actual birthday, which was on a Saturday this year.  Dinner at Cole’s Chop House with an amazing bottle of Shafer Relentless couldn’t have been more perfect (thanks, my very best in-laws for the  juice).  We met friends later at the Mansion at Silverado for more celebratory cocktails.  Our neighbors gave us a ride home, and of course joined us for a nightcap.  That last little sip turned into a late night house party at our pad, with other friends stopping by to join in.  Let’s just say it was a banner celebration for a silly forty something birthday.

What’s even better, G and I had been talking about joining a club or a rec center so we would have access to a pool for the summer.  We have friends at each local country club; really dear friends.  My mom has been a member of Silverado for nearly 30 years.  But, Napa Valley Country Club is a very young, family friendly place.  Silverado is primarily a resort.  They cater to people coming to Napa for vacation.  It is beautiful and stately.  It feels like a classic “club.”  Napa Valley CC is also picturesque, but there it is just the members.  No resort.  No fluff.  The pool is for the families.  The clubhouse is small and understated, but the popcorn machine runs all day and the kids have a ball in complete safety.

I received one gift for my birthday: a NVCC membership!  It is a gift the whole family will enjoy year after year.  Half of our friends are definitely disappointed that we picked Napa.  The other half is so thrilled.  They have been including us in events there for the past two years, and we have always had a ball.  Today, Memorial Day, we went to the pool for their annual celebration.  Between the hot dogs, water balloons, cannon ball contest, parent/kid swim relays…I would say we’ve found our happy place.  Happy Birthday to ME!cannongirlsnvcc



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