weekend kickoff

It is Friday and finally work, is sort of over.  Tomorrow is Weezy’s birthday party at a place she has been wanting and begging to have a party at.  I often send the kiddos with our sitter to this place because it is such a rad zone for them!  I am not prepared for the party, but it will come together.  I am not channeling pinterest, I am doing what will make Weez happy, which is climbing and SUGAR!  So we have plenty of Minecraft cupcakes and lots of building decor.  We have 24 kids coming, followed by dinner at the club with friends.  My bestie, Jen, is making sure it is extra special at the family night.  Weasel will be the queen bee and it will be special.    Couldn’t be a better kick-off to six years of love with and of my girl.

It is also Oscar Sunday, which we normally celebrate with crab legs and bubbles.  We haven’t seen a lot of the films.  But WHO cares.  It should be a fun Sunday to just sit and watch.

That’s my Friday update.

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