life changer, and jewels

I am very particular about my hair.  I do not like washing my hair very often, because when it is wet and clean, the process to get it to a state that I can deal with is lengthy.  There are stages it goes thru to get a few days on the books without a washing.  First, I do a stick straight blow out followed by the flat iron.  That style lasts two days.  Day three I will add beach waves with my arched flat iron.  I have owned two in my life, and have used it over the course of ten years.  If I am lucky, I can get two more days out of the curls with a healthy dose of dry shampoo.

Lately, my arched flat iron isn’t cutting it.  I am not sure what the life cycle is for such an appliance, but I think it isn’t heating properly, which makes the curls barely there.  At this point I should in this post, I should probably introduce my dearest friend Julie.  She and I have exchanged beauty secrets, amazing finds and all kids of other things over the past twenty years we’ve known each other.  She too extends her hair without wash for long periods of time.  She sent me a video of her curling her hair with the Beach Waver Pro.  Immediately I was on board.  I went to Ulta, bought exactly what she said (get the pro not the S because it has a longer barrel), and ran home to try it.  I love the results!  Perfect beach waves and saved me so much time.  Worth every penny.  If you like beach waves too, this is a product you must have!waves.jpg

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