star sighting

Michael Chiarello is a good looking older gentleman even if he follows the typical star-in-real-life rule, being shorter and much smaller in person.  However, I have always been a fan of his.  He has such an engaging personality, perfectly built for a Napa restaurant (like Tra Vigne-RIP, or Bottega), or for television.  If he was in town, and happened to be working at Bottega when we were there, he would always make an effort to say hello and air kiss.  He likes ladies, that’s no mystery.  Regardless, we always left charmed, blinking and gesticulating about the wine he poured for us, gratis.

As I was sitting at the car wash today, I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a late model Lexus with writing on the side “Official Car of Bottega Restaurant.”  Well, well. How official indeed!  He was at the driver’s seat, blowing his nose, picking his teeth.  But I watched and swooned, noting in my mind that everyone has a runny nose or lunch in their teeth.  After he got out and paid, the small talk began.  I desperately wanted to ask for a selfie with him.  But, I didn’t, even though I knew there was snot on his hand and that his porchetta sammie was still in his mouth.  I smiled and agreed with passion as he talked about the weather and the lines and the taco truck.

It was my Tuesday Star Sighting.  At the car wash.  Don’t judge me.

One thought on “star sighting

  1. Glad to hear he’s a nice person. Interestingly, he’s from Red Bluff (where we go for the bull and gelding sale). But, we’ve never had a Michael sighting.


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