I am not embarrassed to admit that currently:

  1. I smell like a campfire from dinner at Rutherford Grill
  2. We went there after the bar at Auberge because they were rude and well, rude
  3. I have horrible dandruff around my hairline
  4. My skin is terrible
  5. I didn’t lose a pound from 30 Clean
  6. My anti-anxiety medicine no longer works
  7. My favorite wardrobe items are from Target
  8. I need to stop following supermodels on instagram
  9. I haven’t brushed my teeth before bed in several days
  10. I brush my teeth around 3am
  11. Toenail polish is non-existent
  12. I am praying for no rain for our trip this weekend
  13. I am singing a song in my head that I made up to Hot Blooded by Foreigner
  14. The song is about hot feet, that I call “tutahs”
  15. I miss my mom even though she lives just up the street!

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