saturday spring

I had not washed my hair in four days.  It was one day too long.  My head itched from all the dry shampoo settling into my scalp.  Taking the situation seriously, I grabbed the apple cider vinegar and headed into the shower.  The sour solution would be the only way to get my head clean.  So I dumped a liter on my head and let it soak.  It burned a little.

After my full scrubbing, I filed my toenails and oiled myself.  Sitting with wet hair and staring out to the sunshine filled day, I asked G if he wanted to go for a hike.  Rather than responding to my question with an answer, he did what he normally does and answered my question with a question.  “You want to go out into the wild with your freshly showered self and do what?”  Things didn’t appear to be going the way I had hoped, but I was determined to get outside and do something.  It was 65 and sunny.  Come on.

I got the kids dressed and loaded into the car.  Greg reluctantly followed us out the door and had his backpack, which meant he was serious.  I had to quickly scan google for a place that was not only close but not that difficult since the kids weren’t really into my idea either.  Snap to Skyline Wilderness Park.  South and east of our house, it is a whole series of trails.  You pay to get inside, park, and head out to the trail head.  Immediately the conversation shifted to mountain lions, wild pigs and poop – all of the things you are warned about before heading into the open.

We hiked for about two and a half hours.  At times it was up hill and Eloise howled about the intense hunger she was experiencing, how her feet weren’t working and how she was scared of the “trees parts.”  Harry told endless stories, both fictional and embellished.  We passed lots of people.  I had no idea how awesome this place was.  On our way down the Buckeye Trail, an older legit hiker (walking sticks, tick protector leg things, beekeeper hat) pointed out the tips of the Golden Gate Bridge to us.  After some squinting, there was the red spire poking out of the fog far out into the distance.

I took another shower.  This time without the acid wash.  It was a good day.

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