I am so proud of the people that have turned Bottlerock around from its inception.  The havoc it left on our little town during the first year was terrible.  A few guys I went to high school with bought the rights and turned it completely around.  Not to mention the Napa sponsors have ponied up to be involved, it has now become a local labor of love that is beyond awesome.  Literally all of our favorites (music, restaurants, wines, etc) have a presence at Bottlerock.  We haven’t ever bought a ticket.  All of our friends think we are so strange and offensive for not being supportive.  I was given a ticket once, and it was great. But I have never been overwhelmed to buy the three day VIP tickets.  That’s a big commitment.

Well shift to now, this red head took the headliner spot.  I mentioned it to the organizers long ago as one of the best performers to consider.  Florence is an amazing live performer. I went last fall with three friends, two of which had never been to see Florence in concert, and weren’t super fans heading in.  They were in awe of the overall performance; the energy is relentless and her talent is undeniable.  To have her as a headliner, oh my word.

So, we are going.  We aren’t hanging in the general admission either. Even Greg who loved Florence at Bridge Benefit is thrilled.  We all win.

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