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Our summer ends with a trip to Tahoe with some of our dearest friends.  While there is some activity, and we try to exercise a bit, the amount of overindulgence makes the efforts almost ridiculous.  My buddy Julie, if you have read my blog in the year’s past, is always up on the trends and musts of the current moment.  I savor our time together spent on the beach, sharing all of her news.

One of the things I have been wanting to work into my program is collagen.  I tried it in tea and couldn’t get past the idea there was bits of animal gelatin floating around in there.  No, I couldn’t see it, but the thought just killed me.  Julie and I also were talking about how to get more protein in our diets – I have always been a believer in real, unprocessed proteins like eggs and lean meats versus supplements and powders.  Julie mentioned that she adds both collagen and protein into her coffee via two very wholesome ways.  Skeptical, yes, but desperate to hit the studio to work off the Tahoe and so sad about the appearance of my skin post-lake life, I took the bait.

It has been a little over two weeks that I have been adding these two things into my coffee, and I am totally in love.  It takes a bit of effort to blend it up, but I have already seen and felt results.  Both items are for sale on amazon.  Give it a try and let me know your experience.  Anything else you have in your routine that’s changed your game?

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