saturday & sunday

Highs and lows.  What you should know:

As previously mentioned, Little League tryouts were on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.  We arrived with all of our proofs of residency at 1:31 p.m. to be told we were late.  They slapped a number on H and off he ran.  As we moved over to the fields, I noticed none of the familiar faces of baseball around.  I wondered where our buddies were, so I sent a text to a mom I expected to see.  She explained that they don’t tryout for Minor B baseball.  Well then what the hell were we trying out for?  Panic set in as my gut caught up with the reality that we were in for something very different.

The actual tryouts were a combo of fielding, catching, hitting and running.  There were some very good kids in the ten person group Harry was in.  Some went through the motions with ease and confidence. H did not do that.  He did his best, but he was very nervous.  He was also much smaller and younger than all of the kids in his group.  He had fun, he clearly loves the sport.  After a series of texts while H was on the mound, I found out that some kids will NOT make a team.  I thought they used the tryout as a way to balance the teams, when in fact, it is a do or die situation.  He was trying out for Minor A baseball because of his age, there was no way around it.  I will not tell Harry.  He is not ready for that kind of disappointment.  He is eight.  The good news is he will end up on a Minor B team, and no one will know or care that he tried out and didn’t make Minor A.  It of course will be fine.  But man, I felt really duped.

Later that evening, I joined a Girls Night Out at Atlas Social Club.  Eight ladies just out for food and fun.  It was an absolute blast.  G took the kids over to our pal’s house for pizza, ping pong and craziness.  We all stayed up way past our bedtime.  I was definitely not dry, and have now eased up on my attempts to be so for the entire month.  I have learned that when an opportunity comes around to spend time without kids, with other women you enjoy, you must take it.  There’s nothing like chewing the fat with girl pals and we often don’t give ourselves those opportunities.

Sunday was slow going around this house.  We were all gearing up for the game of all games, the Broncos versus the Patriots.  My husband is a die hard Broncos fan and has been one since he was a kid.  It was the perfect game day weather, sunny but brisk.  We made bratwurst, ate pretzels and nuts.  It was just the type of Sunday we all needed, paired with the Broncos win, of course.  After the kids went to bed, we watched Straight Outta Compton.  It was really, really good.  I am shocked there wasn’t an acting nomination for Jason Mitchell or Corey Hawkins.  Both were excellent.  I heard Jason Mitchell on NPR the other day saying some things that struck me.  It was to the effect of the Academy thinking it must be very easy for a black actor to play a gangster rapper. His point was that he had NO clue how to play Eazy, he had no experience with the Los Angeles Ghetto or drug trade, much less rap music.  His upbringing was quite the opposite, having been on the east coast, schooled in the arts.  So it was hugely challenging to play the role he did so believably.  Just something to consider, considering…

Have a wonderful week, friends.  I am slowly catching up.


We have let sports work their way into our lives as organically as possible.  Weez hasn’t had the itch in any way at all to dance or do a sport.  We tried soccer, and that was just okay.  Dance was also just there, not a real passion.  For Harry, he has played basketball, soccer, golf, and baseball.  He is good at all of the sports, he loves playing on a team and isn’t particularly competitive.  Something with baseball is different.  He has a personal part that relates to his overall team’s performance.  It is the perfect blend of individual skill focus, to communicating and working together out in the field.  Of all the things he plays, he is best, from a skill to like ratio, at baseball.

Napa has a bonafide, American baseball program.  There’s a park with three fields, it has a concession stand with sunflower seeds, metal bleachers to sit on, and all the local businesses sponsor the teams.  The younger kids play on the playground while the parents hob nob and cheer.  We have loved being involved.

This year, Harry has to “try-out” for his spot on a team.  Everyone makes a team, but they do the try-outs to balance the teams out.  This weekend, all the little kids will go out and show their stuff, nervously hoping they “make it.”  I have explained to Harris that he will make it no matter what, but the nerves are absolutely there.  To help him get back into the swing (literally) of things, we went to the batting cages.  Being the only mom there, it was obvious that the cages were a manly event.  But I learned, smiled coyly at the staff, and by the second bucket of balls, I was a pro.  Harry made excellent contact.  He seemed to settle back into his form and gain confidence with each swing.

By the end, I had purchased him a membership, so he can now hit balls whenever he’d like. He puffed up his chest as we walked out, high fiving the guy coming in as we walked out.  Moments like these are milestones, for all of us.  Confidence, satisfaction, excitement and achievement.  I am so happy to be a part of it all.

about me

I was born in San Diego.  My parents retired in Napa.  I went to college in Stockton. I worked hard in San Francisco.  I raised children in Salt Lake City.  I am here now.

Things you should know:

  • I teach barre classes when I have time
  • I am a personal assistant most all the time
  • I am also a mother of two
  • I have a fancy cat
  • I don’t like to wash my hair
  • I wear makeup and work-out clothes whenever possible
  • I cook a lot of food
  • I enjoy martinis, vegetables, Hermes scarves and lip gloss
  • My look is always a mix of hi-lo, old-new, classic-trend
  • Avocados and heaven are one in the same
  • I love the color orange
  • I will have iced tea on tap in my dream home
  • Florence Welch
  • I miss my blackberry
  • I once was a pageant girl
  • My husband is anti-Disney and hates sci-fi
  • I love the above, regardless of those details
  • I can’t live without instagram or spotify
  • I love to read blogs

Tell me about you.  I promise to keep it between us.