One week ago, I was at this very moment, under general anesthesia while a total laparoscopic hysterectomy was happening to me.  The surgery took about three hours. My doctor, Dr. Gonzalez, is a master at this type of procedure, so I knew I was in good hands.  Even still, it is major surgery and there’s lots that go into getting prepared for such a thing.  I had an EKG, a chest x-ray, plus a dozen containers of blood drawn.  I did the terrible colonoscopy prep the night before, after being on clear liquids for 24 hours, starving.

All for good reason, I later found out.  I had over 20 fibroid tumors, all benign, and some endometriosis on one part of my uterus.  I now have eliminated my chances of cervical cancer (don’t have one anymore), uterine cancer (obvs, gone too) or ever having a period again!  I can’t imagine how life will be not having to literally hunker down for a whole day each month.  I was in terrible pain, I couldn’t leave my house.  Now, all of the conversations I had with myself like “this cannot be normal” are over.

The recovery from surgery has been easy.  Really.  That’s not me trying to sound like superwoman.  My personal experience has been great.  Having polled friends that have had this same procedure, I was expecting to be bed-bound for at least a week.  Most said they weren’t back to regular function until three weeks had passed.  That was literally the only thing that freaked me out about this procedure.  I don’t have three weeks to rest.  Especially with the holidays knocking at our door!  Call it determination, mind over body, not sure what exactly…but I am totally fine and despite an abdomen that looks like I took four bullets at close range, I feel fantastic.

I am so grateful to my family and friends that have taken such good care of me this past week.  My fabulous friend Jenn made me homemade dashi broth to sip the day before surgery (also took the kids for a day, brought me treats).  My dearest and fellow “hyster-sister” Alyssa and her hubs took both kids the night prior for a sleepover and an all day play date with their kiddos. The ever-loving Jen Freeto M.D. sat with G while I was in the operation room, and relieved him so he could get scripts filled while I was in recovery.  My mom brought soup, plus goodies from Bouchon Bakery.  My neighbor sent the most delicious dinner from Food Shed.  And the flowers!  I received the most beautiful posies.

There are lots of reasons that I am beyond okay and doing so well. I feel lucky.  I feel humbled.  I feel grateful for many, many things.  Here’s to being uterus free!

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