Wow.  It is already May.  I am not too sure where April went, but it is gone and I am already feeling behind.  This month started “off” because the first day of the month was on a Sunday, a day I reserve for cooking, prepping and planning for the week ahead.  We had family in town on May 1st, and while I loved every minute of it, the double whammy of a Sunday that’s the first day of the month really fouled with my focus.

Also adding to my disarray, there are just 23 days of school left.  Summer break is really a break for no one.  Because I am a full time working person, summer just means camp and extra organization.  We take one trip to Tahoe at the end of July, which I literally start planning again for the day the trip ends.  A week in Tahoe without responsibilities sounds amazing.  Well, the only thing that needs to be done is lunch making.  Laundry, because it is sandy at the beach.  That’s really it.  I think about the week in Tahoe all the time.

But you know what I realized today?  Greg and I never, and I mean ever, go anywhere just the two of us.  We go as just adults to meet other friends for a weekend.  But there’s others and we have a pretty structured plan when we do those trips.  Every other time we go out of town, or even out of the house, it is a full family affair.  Heck, lately we don’t even go on date nights, just the two of us.  I have a handful of friends that don’t have kids and I wonder what they do with all of their time!  Because of the work I do, I am constantly taking care of others.  It is my job, and I love my job.  But I have completely forgotten about me. I get my hair done five or six times a year, that’s all about me. So I guess it isn’t so bad.  It was just sort of in my face today, and I got sad about it.

I will try and perk up.  I will face May 3 with verve and gusto.  I will try.

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