month of love round-up

I haven’t done a real list of love yet on this silly bog.  Here it goes, before the month is over.

  • DREAMS: I have the funniest, most bizarre dreams.  They are so real, and last for so long, I often times reflect throughout the week what was real and what was in my dreams.  Funny the people your mind allows into those unconscious moments.
  • FAMILY: Being close to family is just amazing.  We can travel an hour and be with our closest in age family.  Up the street is my own mom.  We are lucky and love it.
  • FRIENDS: My tribe has continued to swell, however the additions fit in like they have always been a part of the fabric.  My Napa friends are just irreplaceable.  30 years ago if you would have guessed that all of these folks would be my tribe, I would have laughed.  Stay classy, Napa.
  • CARE: Between my nails, my hair, let’s go spray tan, my chiropractor (aka my Love Bomb), the Dailey, even the folks at Whole Foods have my back.
  • FOOD: between the high hat sumo mandarins, and the driscoll strawberries, the bounty has been unreal.  While at our best Auntie’s house, she made us overnight oats with all kinds of amazingness.  We have tried to copy.  Still working.
  • PETS:  June is the most lovey dovey cat these days.  She is old, that’s true.  Every morning you can count on a snuggle that is tough to get away from.  Max, the cat at Auntie and Uncles is still such a gem in our minds.  Take a look.  Huge love.
  • RANDOM NOTES: I love my job.  I love the new WHO WHAT WEAR line at Target.  I love what I bought at Coast Carmel.  I love Church Key wine.  I love having a blog again.


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