back to the barre

With all of the health kicking going on around here, it was about time I reconfirmed my love for the barre.  When I was training years ago to be a Dailey Method teacher, I had recently had Weez, and had not really been very fit in the years I had spent in Utah as a mom.  Matter of fact, I couldn’t even do a push-up, a real one.  This was also a stressful time in my life, taking the leap into business ownership isn’t for the weak.  I was also working with the Junior League to develop a cookbook, like a real cookbook, and it had some serious deadlines and stress that came along with it as well. By the time we opened our studio doors, I was in the best shape of my life.  I loved (and lived for) exercise!

Shift to today, I now live far away from the wonderful studio my partner and I built. Thankfully, a studio opened in Napa shortly after we moved here.  It is a lovely place that I taught a lot at when they first opened.  Teaching is such a passion of mine, but making the time to do so is challenging.  Taking a class is something that I love to do too, but finding time to fit in an hour of “me time” is even more ridiculous and often feels selfish. But if I think back to when I was in the best shape, it was when I was dedicated to the barre.  It was that simple.  Considering how much effort I put into eating clean and avoiding alcohol, you’d think that adding exercise to that would be obvious.

I have set a simple goal of three classes a week.  If I can’t get into the studio, I use the barre 3 online classes, which are great if you only have 10 or 15 minutes.  After 26 days of eating within the 30 Clean guidelines and drinking wine on the weekends, now that I have added in the barre classes, I have seen and felt a major difference.  Without the barre, I looked the exact same.  The same spots were there, annoying me.  I have recommitted to the exercise I know works.  If I can squeeze it in, I may even start teaching on Wednesday evenings.  I love feeling good, and I finally do.

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