Over the holidays, our little family stayed close to home.  So close, we rarely left!  There’s a challenge to living in a place that most of the world would like to visit for vacation.  Why getaway from the ultimate getaway!  There were definitely a lot of people that did just that.  Napa was absolutely crowded to the limits.  So we stayed home, a lot, which at first was fine.  We spent time with family and friends, made delicious food, and just took a breath.

After the new year, many of our friends were off to Mexico, or Tahoe, or Hawaii. During the three weeks the kids had off, it finally sunk in that we had literally no plans.  Cabin fever infected us all, yet we really didn’t do much to satisfy the urge to get out beyond a trip up valley for lunch. During that time, I should also note we found termites in our ceiling, and our oven broke.  Once the tree and decorations came down, the place really started to fall apart and the new year had seemed to start with more of a thud than a bang.

With the holiday weekend here just in time to compliment the righting of the ship, we’ve decided to get out of the house and up to Sea Ranch.  I love the ocean with all my heart.  Having spent my early years in San Diego, with a father most comfortable on the water, the ocean is just as beautiful as it is nostalgic for me.  My go-to memory of my childhood is in/on/near the sea.  The sounds and smells will never tire.  Add in the potential for whales, sand in toes, despite the warmth of the sun, and I am in heaven.

My kids love an adventure; we have started giving them little hints about the place we are going, they love packing up their special stuff.  The weather is supposed to be terrible, so we’ll bring our favorite games, we’ll bake cookies (oven works there!), pop up popcorn and make fires.  If we want to go for a soggy hike, then we will do it.  The hot tub will warm us back up.  The place we rented has huge windows that look out to the waves, I will curl up with a blanket and binoculars.  Even the championship game can be watched on TV Sunday.  I am smiling about it all as I type.


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