This hashtag is trending with everyone I know.  The reason is simple and obvious.  If you were like me, you indulged from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day in wine, cider, seasonal cocktails (although my nog consumption was down, year over year) and anything else that seemed festive.  Or not.  Wrapping gifts is not nearly as fun without a glass of bubbles.  I had plans to at least ease up right after Thanksgiving.  But that didn’t happen.  In fact, I over did it.  Every night.  And I liked it.

Every sip was well deserved.  Each clank of glasses accompanied smiles and warm feelings.  I should mention there is a portion of my work life that includes wine!  Lots of it.  So it was for work!  Honest.  When the holidays became stressful, I reached for a glass of Chardonnay to coax me off the ledge.

Outside of pregnancy, I have never willingly not consumed alcohol regularly.  It sounds so pathetic to even voice my inability to give it up for a period of time.  But it is hard.  I will admit it.  I have made it a whole five nights, with intentions of making the entire month of January a dry one.  Thankfully, I am also doing an overall health challenge with The 30 Clean group.  I have done three or four before, and always had way more wine than they preach.  But I still saw results and it was totally worth the reset.  I should mention also that my husband has type 1 diabetes and his physician suggested he ease off the sauce as well for a month to see how it affected him.  So this time, I have a partner in sobriety.

Here’s the real truth behind the detox.  I have gained weight.  Haven’t we all?  If you are one of those people that actually lost weight over the holidays, we cannot be friends, for real.  Kidding!  It sounds better if I say “I am giving my liver a break,” or “I like to reset my system one a year.”  When really the reason is if someone asked me to go on a Mexican vacation tomorrow, I want to be prepared, and my passport is up-to-date.  You catch my drift?  It is purely weight/fat/number/shape driven.  My clothes are snug, and I hate that feeling.  I reach for my yoga pants first.  Shrug.  Insert sad face emoji here.

The first thing I have noticed is the depth of rest that I get at night.  It is intense how good sleep feels, but the downside is waking up.  I want to keep my eyes closed for a long time.  That’s NOT me, nor does it work for my lifestyle.  Alcohol provided just enough anxiety to thrust me from a dead sleep at 5:00 a.m.  It also would jolt me from sleep at 3:00 a.m., usually passed out on the couch, make-up on and teeth fuzzy.  Upside, downside.  Pros and cons.  Not really.  Observations.

Now faced with the weekend, my precious glass of wine usually poised, so eagerly waiting for me on a Friday night.  Then what about Champagne with lunch at my favorite restaurant on Saturdays.  Sunday grilling and sipping with good friends over football.  Sure, I will workout.  Perhaps stay awake through a whole movie shown in our dark living room.  I have even dusted off the dominoes, but even those are better over buckets of booze.

Here goes nothing.  If I cheat, you’ll be the first to know.  At this very moment, my confidence level is high.  If you too are dry this month, bless you, Godspeed.  Anyone that’s reading who doesn’t drink alcohol ever, can you believe how silly this all is?  I know!  And to those that are raising a glass right about now with zero cares, cheers!  Have a sip (or ten) for me.

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